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Trance Services

Trance is an altered state of consciousness, which can be in varying degrees. From the Medium who is lightly overshadowed, to the deep trance , where the Medium has no awareness of what is going on. The trance state allows Spirit to use our bodies for communication and for physical mediumship.

Alan is a deep-trance Medium and when he goes into trance, his spirit leaves his body and evolved spirits will come in. When he returns to the conscious state, he doesn't remember anything that has happened. In his own words he says "I could have streaked naked through the streets and wouldn't have known anything about it!"

As a Deep Trance Medium Alan is available for individual sittings and group demonstrations.

As with any spiritual work we cannot guarantee that a certain spirit will come through him as they may not be able to or may not want to. Alan's guides work with Alan to keep him safe at all times  and will offer assistance to other spirits coming through. If a spirit is unable to make the transition, the guides may act as an intermediary passing on messages for them.

He would need a quiet room where there would be no interruptions and he would be accompanied by his wife Jayne who would oversee the sitting

Price for a 45 minute one to one session 


Price for 1.5hrs group demonstration for up to 25 people


For venues more than 25 miles from us extra travel costs will apply

Please contact us for more information or to book a session with Alan

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