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Book "I Was Just a Man"

About the Book

This book is an account of the life of a simple man who was known as Jesus Christ. It has been done through the trance Mediumship of Alan Bicker, in the presence of his wife Jayne, their good friend Margaret Cotton, and several other friends and acquaintances

He felt it was time to put the record straight, and his words blow many of the world's long-held beliefs out of the water and answers many of the questions that no one has ever been able to ask. Who was he really? What's the truth about what happened to him? And why were so many stories about his life manipulated and invented?

Here's your chance to find out and make up your own mind......

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A controversial book but interesting. I am a believer in life after death and spiritualism, but read this book as a sceptic. Like others my thoughts are why would 'Jesus' speak to an 'ordinary' person. So I now realise that Jesus was not the Jesus we have been lead to believe. It's interesting to read, its also an easy book to read, flows well although I will say I did on occasions struggle to determine who was talking.
I would like to see this book go to the churches!!

Emz from Sussex


Thank you so much for the signed copy. It came yesterday and I couldn't put it down so I finished it last night. It has totally confirmed my opinion of the Bible and the Christian churches of the world. I was sure that Jesus' story would have been embellished over the years before it had been written down but I had always accepted that it ended after the crucifixion.

Well done for taking up the challenge and seeing it through to publication. I think your book will go 'viral' very quickly and I hope you can keep up with the demand.

Brian from Suffolk

Couldn't put it down...


I have not been able to put it down and am reading it for 2nd time (so much to absorb first time around)  It is astonishing and deeply revealing, so many answers to hitherto unasked questions that one has never liked to ask from the church.  I also approve professionally of the presentation, the art work and the way it is written.  Well done both of you. I also realise you have been very privileged to have been chosen to  do this work BUT know it must have been hard  work!

It is truly enlightening, and I hope it reaches a huge audience to help people like me who always felt something was not quite right but too scared to ask confrontational questions from the traditional church authorities

Jo from Suffolk

Deeply Revealing

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