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Angels are divine beings and the word Angel means "messenger of God". They are considered to be doing Gods work and working very closely and on his behalf. There are nine classes or choirs of Angels; Seraphin, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominations, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels, Ordinary and Guardian Angels.

Using Angels in Everyday Life

We can ask Angels for help in all areas of our lives, but we must ask and not just expect. As long as we have respect for them and dont use them for greedy or selfish reasons, or to do harm, they will respect us and help us as much as they can or are allowed to. Sometimes there are difficulties that we are meant to experience, which are part of our learning, or karma, and in these situations they may not be allowed to interfere or be limited as to what they can do.

Here are a few examples of how you can use Angels to help you;

Parking Angels; when you go out and know that you are going to need a parking space, ask the angels in advance to make on e available for you.

Traffic Lights; when driving and you are in a hurry, ask for the Angels to make the traffic lights green for you.

Lost Objects; ask the Angel Rochel to help you to find something that has been lost.

Job Interview; before you go for your interview, ask the Angels to help the interview go well.

With all the above examples, if for instance you are not able to find a parking space, it may be that someone else has a greater need than you. And, if the job interview doesnt go well, then maybe you weren't meant to have that particular job, there may be a better one round the corner, and this was the Angels way of helping you.

Sometimes Angels like to let us know that they are around to give us some reassurance, and it can often be by leaving a white feather for us.

The Angel Lucifer

The Angel Lucifer is often referred to as The Fallen Angel, but this is not the case. He volunteered to help mankind by being the Angel who helped us to understand the negative emotions such as fear, jealousy and greed. His job was to tempt us in order for us to experience and realise that there was no advantage in wanting what others have for example. We also often aspire to be like other people, but we need to learn that we are who we are and feel satisfied and happy with that.

Atlantean Angels

In the times of Atlantis everyone had spiritual awareness and knowledge of the Angels. It was common practice to communicate with them and other spirits for their divine energy was inspirational to them.

The Atlantean Angels were HIB's (higher intelligent beings) from another planet, coming to this planet in order to give us their knowledge. Atlantis was considered a place that the knowledge would be respected and used positively, however, even in this highly spiritual place, the greed and jealousy, power and control crept in, bringing about the downfall of Atlantis. The knowledge from the Atlantean Angels was only given to the selected few, and others wanted it, and set about trying to get it by any means possible

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