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Past Life Regression

Looking into our past lives helps us to understand why we are like we are. Past lives can affect us in this life even if we don’t have a conscious memory of them. For instance, if we have a fear of something, it can be because of something that happened to us in a past life. Perhaps you may have drowned in a past life, and in this life you have a fear of water. This can also happen with people that you meet or places you go. You may meet someone and feel very comfortable with them straight away, even though you have only just met them. Or the opposite may happen, you may take an instant dislike to someone, for no apparent reason, which may mean that the person did you some harm in a previous life. Similarly, sometimes places that you go to can feel very familiar, and may trigger a memory of a past life.


The knowledge of all your own past lives is held within your aura (energy field) or unconscious memory. It is there to be tapped into if you want to, as and when the time is right.

Discovering about your past lives can help answer questions about the purpose of your life. It confirms that death is not the end, but a transitional stage between lives, and can help us to deal with the loss of a loved one, and indeed our own death, when it comes.


Finding out about our past lives is a gradual process, and is a voyage of self-discovery. This can help us to overcome problems, such as health problems, addictions or even helping us to become more confident. However, as we start this voyage, we have to take one step at a time, dealing with any issues that come to the surface, and coming to terms with them. It may be that we did unpleasant deeds and maybe we have come back to put things right or maybe someone did the unpleasesant deeds to us and we have come back to allow them to put it right. Whatever has happened in our past lives it affects us now and understanding it can help us to move forward in a positive way.


When we guide people through to a past life we do not use hypnosis, but instead use meditation and visualisation. We feel that this is a more gentle natural way, because our own spiritual essence knows what is best for us. Once we start to unlock the door to our past it is a journey that can continue for the rest of this life. You may find that certain things may trigger memories, such as meeting certain people, visiting places, even listening to music or particular smells.

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