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Trance is an altered state of consciousness, which can be in varying degrees. From the Medium who is lightly overshadowed, to the deep trance , where the Medium has no awareness of what is going on. The trance state allows Spirit to use our bodies for communication and for physical mediumship.

Alan is a deep-trance Medium and when he goes into trance, his spirit leaves his body and evolved spirits will come in. When he returns to the conscious state, he doesn't remember anything that has happened. In his own words he says "I could have streaked naked through the streets and wouldn't have known anything about it!"


Alans Trance Development


Over the past few years Alan has been developing his trance mediumship in what is called a 'physical circle'. This is where a small group of people come together regularly and concentrate their energies on Alan and his spirit helpers. The ultimate purpose of our endeavours is to materialise spirit so that it can be seen with the physical eye. There have been a few mediums in the past who have successfully achieved this with the use of ectoplasm. There has also been a lot of controversy over this, with fraudulent 'Mediums' bringing this area of mediumship into disrepute. The main problem is that it has always been done in total darkness, which makes it so easy to deceive. We, however, have been instructed by spirit to use some light, so we use candlelight. During our progress we have been privileged to have been visited by many, many spirits, some well known historical figures and some not. Unfortunately, as yet we have not achieved our goal, but we are continuing our journey.

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