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Readings with Alan
Alan offers readings as a Tarot Reader and Psychic.


5 card reading - (approx 20mins) - £20

9 card reading - (approx 30/40mins) - £30

21 card reading - (approx 1hr) - £40 



Choose what sort of reading you would like and who you would like it with. Then contact us to arrange an appointment.

Payment can be made by card or PayPal


One to one readings can be done by telephone, Skype, or personal attendance.

Both Alan and Jayne have worked for Psychic Today, which is an interactive TV show available to watch on Sky channel 506

Readings with Jayne
Jayne offers Clairvoyant, Psychic or Angel Card Readings or a combination;


15/20 mins - £20

30/35 mins - £30

What sort of Reading would you like?
Tarot Readings

Tarot cards have been a source of mystery and intrigue for hundreds of years. They can help guide you through those dufficult times in your life, comforting and uplifting you. They can help you with decision making and answering questions in your personal lives. There are many myths as to where they originated from, some being misguided that they were cards from the devil! However, a more positive view is that they originated from Atlantis so that man wouldn't lose sight of his destiny

Clairvoyant Readings

This is when the Medium communicates with the Spirit World and brings forward friends and loved ones who have passed over, giving proof that they are still around. Usually messages will be passed on, which could be in the form of advice or guidance or memories.

Psychic Readings

These readings are when the reader links in with your energy and can give information about what is going on in your life and what is coming up for you. You can ask for specific areas to be looked at, such as career, love life, family, health, spiritual development etc.

Angel Card Readings

Angel cards can be used on an intuitive level to enhance psychic readings. They can give clarity, confirmation and guidance to a current situation, or a situation coming in. 


Hi Alan

Hope you get to read this, Im sorry we got cut off, but would have liked a little more insight, as you were well on track into my situation and validated what is going on and hope I can catch you as I would like to call you back for more in depth reading into this dilemma

I will definately be calling you back

L&L Axx

Lovely Reading
I had a wonderful reading from Alan, he is so gentle and sweet and reassuring. He provided lots of validations through his past life reading for me. This man is a true angel.I feel a real sense of serenity Thank you Alan xxx LnL
Helen (45), Watford


Alan and his wife are amazing and tune in to a situation very rapidly. Alan sussed out that my male friend can be tough on the outside but soft on the inside and he hasn't even met him. He can just put himself into the situation very accurately. 
linda, surrey

Alan & Jayne

I just want to say that as always, both Jayne & Alan give honest, "no frills", accurate readings. Six weeks ago Alan gave me a reading and so far two of the things he told me have transpired. One of them, he said would happen in February and it has. This has given me confidence that the remainder of the reading will happen in the way he says it will. Jayne gives a calm reading with a warmth and compassion. Lots of love to the both of you.Caroline x x

Thank you Alan

I been meaning to leave a testimonial few weeks ago. You picked up on my situation accurately and was a very nice person to speak too, so thank you for the wonderful reading.

embrace (27), uk


Email reading with Alan
Hello Alan Thank you for an excellent, really helpful reading. You're a star.




Telephone Reading with Jayne

Jayne, thank you for an amazing reading. It was very emotional for me but very accurate. You are the only person who has ever picked up on my mum. I feel so much better after speaking to you. You have given me clarity and direction. Thank you for a wonderful reading delivered with compassion and care. I will be in touch.Lauren, Cambs


Thank you Jayne option one fantastic validation wish I could talk to her for an hour x


I got a reading from Jayne who knew so much about me and my relationship. She told me I will move but not to a type of house I was considering, the information she told me regarding the house really doesn't sound like something I was after so definitely looking forward to finding out.

I asked for validations and she gave me two names of people linked with me that are significance to me were the names of my brothers!

She has given me much comfort and a peace. I will be back and would strongly recommend Jayne no problem. Will definitely be telling friends about Jayne. Thank you so much Jayne


Had an in-depth reading with Jayne which flowed naturally - she was able to pick up and give details about a specific situation surrounding me at present. Lovely reader - will definitely update on predictions. Thank you Jayne xx

phoenixchi (46), Berkshire

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