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Pagan Tree Craft

Wooden Pagan Products Hand Crafted by Alan Bicker

.All items are hand crafted from wood collected or given to Alan. No trees are harmed and the wood is therefore stress-free. Quite often our dog, Merlin, will lead him to something that is just right for a particular project. This has happened so many times that we are sure he knows.





The range of different items that I now make has increased tremendously, starting with Wands and Athames, I branched out to Runes and Oghams, and other divination sets. I have expanded my divination methods and they now include many unusual sets, such as Dragon Runes, Rune Dice, Animal Footprints, Grecian Alphabet and Elven Runes

I now do other creations such as Spirit Boards, Goblets, Altar Tables and Altar items, Pagan Calendars, Bowls and Pygrographed Plates.

Examples of Alan's Creations

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