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Healing Services

Spiritual Healing

The practice of healing has been prevalent in virtually all cultures throughout the ages, whether it be the medicine man or a miracle cure at Lourdes

Healing energy is channeled through healers to help those who have physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problems. We do not profess to offer a miracle cure but relief from pain and a speedier recovery is more often the case.


Cost for approx 45 min session - £20

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing energy is regarded as life energy. It is considered to have an almost divine quality. During a session of Reiki, the healing energy is channelled into the client with beneficial effects. These effects can be on a physical, mental. emotional or spiritual level. Whilst most clients would experience peace and relaxation during the therapy, some may also experience other sensations such as heat or cold or even an upsurge of emotion. We do not offer a miracle cure, but usually an improvement will be felt, and sometimes the improvement wont be felt until the next day.


Cost for approx 45 min session £25

Trance Healing

This is where the healer goes into trance and their Spirit Guides come forward and work independently on the client. This can be a very effective way of giving healing and has been known to give excellent results. However, as with all healing therapies, we can give no guarantees of an instant cure.


 Cost for session - £30

Healing can be given using the sound vibrations of the drum and rattle. This can be a very powerful and effective way of clearing blockages and revitalising energies and also getting to the root of problems.


Cost for session - £30

Shamanic Extraction

..This is the removal of psychic intrusions from the body. Sometimes we can have unexplained problems with our physical body, which are unresponsive to any medical treatment. Often this can be because there are spiritual entities that have attached themselves to us and until they are removed, the problems will continue.These can also affect our moods and our energy levels, and even turn our thoughts to negative.


To do the Extraction, we would create a safe environment, the Shamanic Circle, and do a ceremony inviting the spirits to help and protect us. We would use other tools, such as the rattle and drum, and be guided by the spirits to perform the extraction.


Cost £40

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Sometimes in our lives we suffer traumas, which can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. They can happen at any time, and when they do, often part of you breaks away and hides. This can leave us feeling strange and like there is part of us missing. It can cause difficulties and  stop our lives from progressing properly.


To do the Soul Retrieval we would again create the safe enviroment, the Shamans Circle, and do a ceremony inviting the spirits to help and protect us. We would then go into an altered state of consciousness and look to 'see' what traumas have affected you and how we can make you whole again.


Cost £40

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