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An Introduction to Healing

Everyone has the potential to be a healer. The important word here is ‘potential’, because healing needs to be developed and a healer needs to learn to become an effective channel for these energies.

Firstly, where do the healing energies come from? Some say that healing energy is all around us and that we can tap into it whenever we want to. Others say that it is from God or a Divine Source. Wherever it comes from the important thing to remember is that it works. The healer needs to develop themselves so that they are able to provide a clear channel. This requires a genuine desire to help others, unconditional love, whereby they do not judge the person, compassion and tolerance. If a healer is half hearted about giving healing then the quality of the healing will be also be half hearted.

Another thing to be aware of is that sometimes a person is suffering a condition because of karma. They may have chosen to suffer a certain condition during their life here because it is a lesson they are learning. If this is the case then the healing may bring about some relief but it won’t cure. Also, if it is time for the person to pass to Spirit, no amount of healing will stop this transition, but it will help to ease the journey for them. This is why a healer should never guarantee a cure.

The purpose of healing is to restore harmony and balance to the whole body, ie mind, body and spirit. When there is dis-harmony in our lives, such as conflict, guilt, stress or negative thinking, this can cause dis-ease of the body. If healing is given but the cause still remains, then the symptoms will come back. The answer is of course to tackle the cause.

All healers have Spirit Guides working with them for the purpose of healing. They will guide and help with what is right each time the healer is healing. A healer may find that they spend a lot of time on one particular area, when it is another area that is in pain, this may be because it is the cause. For instance, pain in the knees could be caused by a problem in the back.

Healing is a complementary therapy, which is not meant to take the place of conventional medicine, but instead to work alongside it. Healers are, by law, not allowed to diagnose, instead they should refer clients to see their doctors, if they have any concerns. More doctors are accepting the beneficial effects that healing can have, and some even refer patients to healers.

Healers, when giving healing, will need to learn to attune themselves to the healing vibrations. This will come with practice.

Distant or Absent Healing

Distant or absent healing are one and the same, just different terms meaning healing given without the presence of the person. This is often thought of as not as effective as hands-on healing, but this is not the case.

Distant healing can be given by groups or individuals, and there are many way to do it.

· You can send healing by asking in the form of a prayer, by saying the person’s name.

· You can visualise the person in your minds eye, and see the healing rays going to them.

· You can also just visualise the person in a positive way, as happy and well.

· As a group you can imagine the person in the middle of the group and then everyone focus on them in a positive way.

Distant healing could be described as a transfer of energy by the process of thought. Sometimes the healers Healing Guides will visit the recipient of the healing energy to assist with the process. Another good idea is to arrange a time to send the healing so that the recipient can sit quietly and be more receptive. They may also be able to give some feedback as to what they felt or saw at the time, thus giving the healer some reassurance that it worked, after all, the healer is only human!


When going into healing there are obviously more rules and regulations that have to be observed; personal hygiene, confidentiality, insurance, personal safety and record keeping. These, along with the subjects of physiology of the human body and the chakras also have to be learned about. Then when you have successfully completed your healing course and can go out and do your healing on the public, next is the question ‘do you charge, and if so, how much?’ There are many people who think that this is a gift and you shouldn’t charge because it has been given to you, but who paid for your course, your manual, your insurance and your exams? If this isn’t convincing enough then perhaps it should be your time that should be paid for. This is something that each of us should work out for ourselves.

If you would like to receive healing please go to our Healing Services page

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