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Pagan Ogham Calendar Clock


Diameter is approx 28cms

Thickness is approx 2cms


This beautiful hand crafted clock has been made by Alan Bicker. It encorporates the Ohgam symbols and the tree that each one represents at the appropriate time of year. The Solstices and the Equinoxes are positioned between the trees as close as possible to the proper positions. The Apple and Blackthorn Trees are on an inner ring. The Apple ruling the Light half of the year and the Blackthorn ruling the Dark half. In the Celtic Lunar calendar there were 13 months of 28 days each, totalling 364 days. Therefore to complete a year an extra day was added and this was ruled by Mistletoe, the most magical of all, and is therefore in the centre.

It has a UTS Quartz Clock Movement (made in Germany)


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We make every effort to make sure that your goods are well wrapped and protected during shipping. If however there is any damage please let us know straight away and we will replace or refund. We may require you to take a photo of the damage.
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Pagan Calendar Clock