Chakra Drop Gemstone Earrings

Drop is 3.5cms

925 Sterling Silver backs

Comes packaged.

The crystals used are;

Red Coral is an emotional healing stone, relieving stress and bringing peace. It can also help with fertilityand is good for bone and blood disorders.

Carnelian is a grounding stone, helps to restore energy, stimulates metabolism and helps with overcoming abuse. Can also be good for lower back problems, arthritis and depression.

Yellow Calcite helps to relax and enhances meditation. It can help to cleanse the organs of elimination and also the absorbsion of calcium into the bones.

Malachite easily absorbs negative energies, therefore needs to be cleansed regularly. Balances chakras, activates spiritual vision. And teaches responsibility. Known as the midwife stone

Sodalite helps to open spiritual awareness and is good for the mind. Balances metabolism & boosts the immune system. Good for throat and digestive problems

Amethyst is a strong healing and protective gemstone which calms and helps with decision making. Also good for headaches and insomnia.

Clear Quartz is a very powerful healer and energy amplifier. It stimulates the immune system  and helps to balance the chakras.


Crystals need to be cleansed regularly. This can be done by putting them in the sunlight or the moonlight, smudging, holding under running water, putting in salt water, or burying in the earth for a few hours.


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Chakra Crystal Gemstone Earrings


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